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As per 2023 Eight Innovations GmbH is proud to be the exclusive sales and distribution partner of Kuriyama Europe in most African sub-Sahara countries. You will be able to meet us at industry forums and trade fairs and we will be delighted to support the clients regarding their orders and the import modalities.

Kuriyama Group

The Kuriyama group is a leading manufacturer of hoses for all kinds of industries, such as the Agriculture Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Transport Industry, Construction Industry, Food Industry, Water Wells, Mining Industry, Pumps industry, Firefighting Industry, Beverage industry, Painting Industry, and many more, which offers innovative and competitive solutions in fluid transfer. Kuriyama group are strongly committed to safety, quality, service, innovation, and customer satisfaction. They can provide the above industries with Lay Flat Hoses, Rubber Mandrel hoses, and Thermoplastic hoses, Firefighting hoses & couplings, and Fire nozzles, for all these kinds of industries..


The OROFLEX WELL RISER System offers many performance advantages and major cost savings over conventional steel, PVC, glass fiber, and PE pipes, making it the perfect partner for well installers. Ideal for potable and mineral groundwater extraction, offering fast pump service and total corrosion, microbiological, and scaling resistance.


Designed and recommended for water transfer and general pumping duties in irrigation, mining, construction, sewage, draining systems, water bypass operations and cable sheaths.

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